28 February 2014

Some Straggling Endnotes

A couple of clarifications re that last post:

1) Discharge, Pussy Riot, Banksy, Hirschhorn...are not artists that I have any strong or firm opinion on, one way or the other. So none of what I wrote should be construed as a defense of or attack on any of those cited.

2) That Spectator blog article: Aside from the pointless of the piece itself, what I find much more deeply amusing is the matter of a British/Western/Outsider party posing the question of artistic merits in this instance. Because anyone the least bit familiar with the history of Russian punk knows that it has its own peculiar history, that it developed under artistically insular conditions, and that it in many ways has broadly departs -- stylistically & etc. -- from what constituted "punk" elsewhere. (The same could be said -- altho' to a lesser degree -- for the evolution of jazz and electronic music in Russia, as well.)

Case in point, the crew above. They probably wouldn't rank as "good" in many peoples' books; but there are at least a couple of DJs at WFMU who think they're brilliant. And, really -- what's not to love?


BDR said...

Khlam is Station Manager Ken's marathon premium this year:


Yours for a $75 donation.

I had twelve DJ premiums. I confess, I found twelve I wanted before Khlam, couldn't afford to give more to get more choices.

Greyhoos said...

Hahah. Yes, station-manager Ken is the among their biggest fans, by far.

I like that they describe themselves as "post-punk." If only post-"post-punk" had gone in a similar direction, rather than...well, y'know.

"Thank you, thank you! And our next number is called 'Vladie Putin's Shirtless Solaris Arkestra'! Thank you, thank you!"

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