24 February 2014

Autrestitial Outerludes

A couple of recent affinities...

The second: Drummige supreme! And natch the whole thing bears all the usual trademarks of the David Axelrod sound -- the centrality of drums and bass serving as the linchpin, from which so much else in the piece pivots. Chief difference this time out being that Axelrod has relegated the vibes to a more subtle role, mostly using them to provide some riddmic & tonal underpainting. The word "expansive" was among the first that came to mind.

The first: From a concert in Cologne, c. 1975; rumor has it that it never released because Cherry's trumpet distorts on the third composition. Didn't know it existed until recently. Much more interesting and hypnotic and deeper stuff than the trial studio sessions (also circulating in bootleg form) that the two recorded in Copenhagen some 5 years previously. The opening moments of this one have me thinking of Sun Araw -- possibly explaining the difference between his first couple of efforts (which didn't have much to say other than, "I really, really, really, really love Spaceman 3"), and the darker, more exotically enigmatic territories he struck out into with Heavy Deeds.

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