10 January 2014



07 January 2014

Consider This a Placeholder

Woke up this morning to a wind-chill factor of 9 degrees below zero. This despite the fact that, as of four-plus years ago, I moved from Chicago to someplace situated well within a subtropic region of the lower 48.

This, the reason I now type what I am saying write now, hurts. all. Because shitty landlord. Because inadeqaute heat. Because freak weather. Because something-or-other to do with what's called a distortion of the polar vortex. But yes, these are Chicago temperatures, to which I'm no stranger, although I figured I'd left such stuff far behind, but apparently not. Or at least not for once and for all. And fortunately I retained enough of former winter wardrobe and still remember how to layer against such extremes. Which has proven crucial, since homes down here weren't built or insulated with this type of climate in mind.

All of which is part of a roundabout way of saying that I'm moving further south. As I mentioned in an earlier post, a relocation was looming. And now it's happening for sure, it all coming down to the brass-tacks logistics that such things involve, which means this here thing is going to have to go silent for several weeks while I attend to other business.

The Intros post of previous weeks were diversions from other (longer) things that I'd been writing, things which also have to wait until later. Plus, the monitor on my computer just shat the bed, which means one more thing that'll have to be addressed before I can resume the usual activities.

So, a farewell for now. See you on the sunnier side of the street.

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