21 February 2014

Just Do As It Says

Used to have a dubbed copy of this on VHS, which I lent to a friend many years ago, who promptly lost it without ever having watched it. Given how soon the film fell between the cracks (having passed without much notice on the 1st place), I was thinking it'd never resurface on Youtube or where-ever. But alas, wait long enough...

And yeah, fuck you. X were good in their day, whether or not the opin/assessment of recent years sees fit to acknowledge that fact or not.

(Plus, I once a guy who was an early editor on the film, in the days when the project began its 5-year chronicling. He had -- yes -- left Los Angeles early in the effort, somehow winding up in the deep south where he wound up in the shithole town I was living in; by day working for the ACLU, by night managing a movie theater that many would describe as an "art" cinema. Which was where I saw this and this and this and this & a bunch of other things, since it was down the street from where I was living at the time. The place was a lifeline for the likes of me at the time.)

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BDR said...

Yesterday was Tyson Kindell's aka Billy Zoom's birthday! Happy serendipity!

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