22 November 2013


RIP Bernard Parmegiani.

Simon has some words, as well as a relay of those by Keith Fullerton Whitman. Simon also has a playlist that features many pieces that I also would have selected. To which I might only add checking out De Natura Sonorum in full, if you don't know it already. And then there's this recent clip of his Violostories, as performed live at V22 by Aisha Orazbayeva.


el hombre invisible said...

Amazing artist.

Greyhoos said...


Like a fair number of people, I was a latecomer to his work -- knowing the name, but only actually hearing the music when reissues were appearing in the late '90s. I was already listening to a huge amount of IDM and experimental electronic stuff at the time. But with each Parmegiani CD I'd acquire, I'd listen to it, and then look at my music collection and realize that a portion of it had just been rendered feeble and obsolete.

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