05 November 2013

Interregnal Interlude

A reader/fellow bleggalgazer/frequent linking bigger-upper contacts me directly to say he hopes all is well, having noted my dearthiness in recent months. Concern and wishes accepted and appreciated. And a reminder of how long it's been since I last posted, how slow this thing's been these past couple of months. Why, despite having meant to earlier, I should've poked my head up here earlier with some little placeholder or passing aside, if only to minimally reassert my existence for whomever reads this here, for whomever is inclined to wonder. I've had a number of taking up my time and taxing my thoughts lately, leaving only a little left over for other things.

So yeah, hiatus. A lull. Unplanned, unintended. Life has a way of impinging, of running roughshod. But I imagine you knew that, already.

Soon. Eventually. But yes -- still among the living, still here.


Anonymous said...

You sure that's Lou? He's looking a lot like Iggy.

...unless that's the point and I'm not getting it. In which case, feel free to shoot me.

Greyhoos said...

Yes, it's Iggy. By way of a rush-to-opportunize Etsy fail, reputedly posted w/in hours after Reed's death.

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