09 November 2013

"We want to paint a monster on it."

Admittedly, I can't help but like the title, like the kitsch-romanticism Heimat theme, and also like how it reminds me of a perverse cross between two precedents -- Asger Jorn's "disfigurements" of flea-market paintings and a twist on the results from Komar & Melamid's "Most/Least Wanted" project.

As far as the supposed controversy and allegations surrounding the sale of the piece: In the end a charity got the money. And as if the major auction houses don't routinely engage in price-/bid-rigging.

...And speaking of Nazis and art, I'm still trying to get my head around all the what-fors involved this story. Lots of sketchy and piecemeal reports, raising more questions than they answer. Looks like it's going to be a while until much of anything gets settled, before a clearer picture emerges. Looks like it'll make for a helluva hefty book project for whomever's game for tackling it.

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