28 April 2012

Product Placement

And given the Chi-centric nature of that last mixtape, I probably should've used this as the graphic. But then agian, had I fully gone with my own inclinations toward a period-specif Chi comp, it'd stack up to little more than "A Beginner's Guide to Charles Stepney." Which I would assume is already knowd territory (or should already be, at least).

Anyway: Peavey. Seems like from various magazines back the day -- everything from Hit Parader to Musician -- used to regularly feature the Peavey celebrity-endorsement ad. Quite the aggressive marketing campaign, they had. Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot uses Peavey. Gary Richrath of REO Speedwagon uses Peavey. Carmine Appice used some Peavey product or another. Sure they do. Because talk to any musician you knew, and chances were very high that the scoffing unanimous consensus was that Peavey absolutely sucked. Maybe get one of their low-end guitars if you're teaching yourself how to play, they'd shrug, but from thereonout -- nuh uh.

As I recall, Golden Earring reputedly used an all-Peavey PA system when touring stateside. Which I can believe. Because the consensus from the same quarters would have it that the two deserved each other.

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