27 April 2012

Dispatches from the Copyright Wars: Fair (Ab)use

Came across this item some weeks ago and was naturally amused. My brother-in-law had given me Thorne's first book, The Internet is a Playground, for Christmas year before last, and it provided a lot of laughs. But now that I happen to see Thorne's site, it appears that the back-and-forth between the author and his former publisher has continued in recent weeks, offering new twists. And I can't help but be knocked over by the cheeky introduction of this bit...

Which is of course a Banksy reference, which in turn may or may not have been an allusion to the "Joywar" incident that involved visual artist Joy Garnett from about 8 years ago...

...Or is this just projecting/wishful thinking on my part?*

*  Postscript/Update: Might be. As best as I can determine, the Banksy stencil appears to have slightly pre-dated the Garnett episode.

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