05 April 2012


It might be time for me to do another mixtape.

At present, I have to admit I'm quite smitten with the above item -- the recent cassette release via the Digitalis Limited label by Warsaw-based electronic artist Piotr Kurek. The contents are as lovely as the sleeve art. Limited edition of 75 copies, some of which -- as of this writing -- are apparently still available.

A couple of months ago Kurek did a live session which was made available by the Portuguese label Crónica as the digital-only release Shibboleths. You can hear/download a copy of it via a recent podcast at Modisti.

Likewise with this one. I included a track from this one on the last mixtape from a few months ago -- Cladonia Rangiferina by Sashash Ulz; a new artist who apparently hails from Petrozavodsk in the Russian Republic of Karelia. Lushly organic drones, some of which sounds like it was worked up from various native instruments (harmonium, a domra or balalaika perhaps, etc), quite panoramically pastoral at times, reminding me more than of a little of Mountains' Choral album from a few ago. It came out on Sweat Lodge Guru about a year ago, and quickly sold out. But I expect you could maybe find a download of it on some sharity blog somewhere. Quite gorgeous, highly recommended.

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