08 April 2012


Georges de La Tour, the painter of light.


Greyhoos said...

While you're at it, maybe pour a little on the curb for Caravaggio, too.

Lutz Eitel said...

My favorite painting of light would be this Van Eyck madonna. Where your examples are more about light as sculptor, here (in the original, which is pretty small) you can see every particle of light-filled air hovering through the nave:


Greyhoos said...

As sculpture? By that I'm guessing you mean the illumination of physical/volumetric forms? As opposed to space/atmosphere?

But not to get too technical about matters, but the above was originally meant as a cheeky response to something that might (one would hope) not mean anything beyond U.S. shores...


Lutz Eitel said...

As sculptor, carving out the forms, especially in La Tour (whom I love).

I was aware of the Kinkade reference. Funnily I first encountered his work five years ago by detour of the title of an Oehlen exhibition. Then again, deep down I've known his work for all of my life.

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