16 September 2011

Apathy for the Devil

More outboard riffage. This time a ballooning trio of posts spanning three decades, skipping across a few cultish excursions into "pop satire" and lots of rubbernecking along the road to nowhere. With the Residents, Shockabilly, and Destroy All Monsters driving the tour bus...

::   Part 1 ::   Part 2 ::   Part 3

I suppose there's a number of tropes that tie this tryptic together which I chose not to go into...a simmering anger that provides a thematic undertow yet never voices itself directly (all that deflecting and effacement via pomo irony & whatnot). Stuff that always struck me like it's trying to summon and expel ghosts with the same hand. All of it with a very definite bleakness and desolation undergirding, no matter how "busy" it might've sometimes sounded on the surface.

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