08 September 2011

Dancing About Architecture, III: Skulptur Haus

I connection with the earlier Endless House post, dpr-barcelona offers recently posted a brief item on the Sculpture House by Belgian architect Jacques Gillet and sculptor Félix Roulin, built in the city of Liège in 1967-1968. The author draws the obvious parallels to the proposed "Endless House" by Frederick Kiesler, as well as to a couple of somewhat similar designs conceived by the Archigram group.

Aside from this paper of the design of building of the Sculpture House, information about the career and works of Gillet appears to be a bit scant, but he turns up in connection with Friends of Kebyar, an international network of designers centered around the practice of "organic architecture." The organization was previously based in (unsurprisingly) Denver, CO and in Oklahoma, but appears to have more recently transplanted to (huh) the Atlanta, GA area, and infrequently publishes a journal.

A gallery of recent interior and exterior photos of the Sculpture House taken by architecture photographer Åke E:son Lindman can be viewed here. There's also some additional information about it here. (As with the link above, it appears that most of the current research into the history of the house traces back to Stephanie Van de Voorde, a recent doctoral student at the Ghent University Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.)

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