03 December 2012

The Slightly-Ajar University

This I'd never heard of before. Or if I'd encountered mention of it previously, I quickly forgot about it. The BBC news clip above naturally makes the thing look like a put-on, or some sort of absurdist, era-specific comedy sketch -- a place where every course of study is ultimately just a course in Pataphysics.

Artist John Latham turns up briefly in the clip above. According to this, other "faculty" of the Anti-University (which apparently lasted barely a year) included Cornelius Cardew, R. D. Laing, Yoko Ono, Alexander Trochhi, and a number of other countercultural luminaries of the day.

{ Technical note: Rough, pre-broadcast audio on the clip, complete with miscued overlaps and with the voiceover appearing in one channel only. }

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