12 December 2012

Skin Damage

Early root reggae would be another area that's quite rich for a batteria-related throwdown. A number of very strong session drummer who helped write the books of reggae riddims. For years, Sly Dunbar was the one who got much of the credit. Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace was a fave for a number of folk. The above was always a favorite of mine, with Carlton Barrett behind the kit. Rightfully regarded by many as one of the top dub tracks of all time, it was one of several reversions that Pablo did of Jacob Miller's "Baby, I Love You So." Perhaps too obvious a choice, but definitely a killer drum track.

As far as Leroy Wallace goes -- his and Noel Alphonso's work on Horace Andy's In The Light was another one I always dug. Best heard on the dub version of the album.

Meanwhile, it looks like Airport Through The Trees pops up with the first of his own contributions, devoted to "Drummage 1960s," a good bit of which consists of material from the R&B and jazz canons. So I may take that as a green light.

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