05 October 2012

This is Entertainment, Pt. III

Throbbing Gristle in the studio recording Heathen Earth, circa 1980. [ Via Dangerous Minds, thanks to BLCKDGRD for the heads-up. ]

* * * *

Somewhat relatedly, the Blackest Ever Black label has an upcoming round of anticipated releases in the pipeline for the next couple of months. As part of their promo rollout, they've dropped about four hours of audio in the past several weeks, in form of various mixtapes and the like. Of which perhaps the most enjoyable was this two-hour session they did last week for NTS Radio; which is nicely heavy on obscure DIY, kinda dark & dubby leftfield guitar pop of a certain vintage. (Curious to know who this Dalhous [sic?] act is that turns up in the tracklist, marked as a forthcoming release on the label, because searches for info on said artist yields absolutely nothing. Very nice track, it is.)

Not sure how much the soundfile will remain posted, so grab as grab can. Tracklist up at the label's blog.

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