17 May 2012

Only Connect

Once upon a time, for about -- more or less -- a decade I listened to almost nothing that would generally be considered "rock." Not that I'm bragging about it or anything, it's just that my ears were turned a number of elsewheres at the time. This bunch (above) were about the only big exception, if not the only band to significantly punch through my wall of "whatever." I remember this song registering quite strongly with me at the time I first heard it. Thing is, revisiting it again after a good many years later, it seems about 10 times more pertinent now than it did then.


David W. Kasper said...

I loved Stereolab, even when I listened to nothing else but hiphop and electronic music. Best UK band of the 90s. They could even guest on Blur songs with their dignity intact. But are they 'rock' or a primo example of 'post-rock'?

Greyhoos said...

Dunno. Musically too conventionally structured to be considered full-fledged "post-rock"? Though I guess they appealed to the same crowd.

Yeah, I was on something of a similar musical diet at the time. Couldn't get the least bit worked up over Pavement, The Melvins, or any number of things that people kept babbling about because I found jungle infinitely more exciting.

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