16 May 2012

Because (Again)

Well yeah, I sort of neglected to say anything about Donald 'Duck' Dunn earlier. Actually I sort-of didn't, because by the time I got around a keyboard that evening I'd already had a few drinks, meaning anything I might've said on the matter was most likely to snowball into some big who-cares faux-musicological rant that flaunted my red-dirt prejudices with such stuff, something along the lines of blahblahblah Stax, blahblah Memphis being a close second to New Orleans, and blahblahblah understatement being so underrated as a true essence of art, and blahblahblah dude knew how to keep it simple and still expertly nailing the groove very squarely and etc.

And now that news has gone out of Chuck Brown's passing, I could do likewise. Somethingsomethingsomething about the first (if not only) example of DC go-go to top the charts (if not make it into the charts, period), and somethingsomething about the importance of homegrown local isht somethingsomething as a counterpoint to the increased corporatized blandification of the cultural landscape, and somethingsomething about how so much music in the 1980s sucked, and somethingsomething about keeping the funk alive by steering it in the opposite direction, back deeply into the domain of the polyrhythmic where needs to be, where it never should've left, where the job gets most thoroughly done, and etc etc.

So there you have it, so much for testifying. I'm not even sure why I bother, since eulogizing is clearly not my format. Perhaps better just to gradually work my way through a bottle of wine while spinning some LPs that I haven't spun in a little while, instead. But to cover some of the neglected backlog, here's some bonus beats...

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