06 July 2011

The Past Called. It Wants Its Everything Back.

The sound of summer. Or at least of my summer so far, judging by the way things have been shaping up.

First the new recent full-length jawns from FaltyDL, Boxcutter, and SBTRKT; all three of which, to varying but significant degrees, sport a particular throwback flavor to them. That being: two-step garage that harkens back to early house and techno, with a few moments of fusion-y soul-jazz, hints of 'mutant disco' of the sort that people like Lovefingers et al. were heavily trafficking in a few years ago, and with -- much like with the James Blake album of earlier this year -- the ghost of Arthur Russell registering ever-so-faintly at the periphery. And now there's this one (above), which caps the whole precession off very fittingly.

Can't help but find it all a little appropriate, coinciding as it does with the publication of Simon's Retromania. Also, because this type of sound is never too far from earshot for me anyway, seeing how there's a community radio station on this part of town where a number of the DJs are insistent on keeping this sort of groove going. (In fact, the overall style of the MCDE mix mirrors some of their format very closely.)

Anyway, had a mix of mine in the works a few weeks ago, featuring a lot of tracks and favorite t'ings that I'd been listening to lately. But the inclination or enthusiasm for pulling it all together dissipated somewhere along the way. Perhaps it's time to rally toward the finish line with the thing and finally get the soundfiles off my desktop.

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