22 July 2011

'Not Funny. Not Clever. Not Your Girlfriend.'

(An aside about no one in particular)

Sure, maybe it was cute once upon a time -- like back when Abbie Hoffman or one of those Yippies did it. But that was ages ago, wasn't it? So in this day and age what does throwing a pie in someone's face ultimately achieve, besides:

  • Giving the target the chance to claim victimhood and file assault charges, and
  • in this case, making his hitherto low-profile wife a household name, and
  • giving all the tabloids and the papers and the blogs and the broadcasters something OMFG to chatter about, all of which
  • effectively eclipses anything the target might've said during his two-and-a-half hours of public testimony, thereby
  • handing the vacuous, enfeebled, sorry excuse for a media -- the very state of affairs that the target helped kick into hyperdrive, and which the perp was apparently "protesting" -- the very thing it needed to carry on in its usual deplorable fashion by providing them the excuse they were looking for to not cover the actual story at hand?


Oh, and maybe: also making a certain someone the top candidate for Tosser Of The Year. Yeah — brilliant move, dickhead.


Greyhoos said...

At the very least, perhaps it'll end up serving as a cautionary tale for future "activists."

And now that I've gotten that off my chest, back to our irregularly scheduled program.

W. Kasper said...

LOL - Yep, he is a dickhead. Dominated the front pages with his childish antic, taking attention from all kinds of sinister shit.

Even crossed my mind that News Corp may have enlisted him, but they wouldn't stoop so low with such a cheap stunt... shirley?

Greyhoos said...

You might be onto something. It might be more common than I suspected. I seem to recall a few "feminist" protesters who "infiltrated" the last GOP presidential convention (and made national news) that seemed like they just had to be a plant. But then again, the problem in recent years is that too much of "the left"/so-called progressives are pretty adept at writing their own jokes. (Actually, it might be one of the few remaining domains where there's no need for outsourcing.)

In the end, it's like like the wanna-be rapper who recently posted a video of himself burning a $100 bill. The only response is: Ummm...clearly you need someone on staff who has a clue about PR.

Greyhoos said...

And really Wayne, I have some sense of of what's getting covered over there. But over here there's been a bulldozing surplus of Wendi Deng! Wendi Deng! Wendi Deng! ever since. Which probably played no small part in pushing the bigger deal off the "top story" roster.


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