18 March 2011

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.

In the Age of Reagan, we were ambivalent about our recent past. Of two minds about the 1960s, in particular. Depending on who you talked to, it had been the era when things had briefly made a concerted lurch in the right direction; or it was a time when the culture and the nation as a whole had lost its way, had misguidedly strayed down numerous blind alleys.

But on one thing we could agree: that the 1970s truly sucked. 'What an awful, empty, ugly decade,' everyone said, shaking their heads in bemusement, relieved to have left it behind. Crap economy, crap politics, shallow culture, dodgey music, and atrocious fashions.

Really, what were we thinking?


debaucheryandsloth said...


Greyhoos said...

I know. And that gallery couldn't have turned up at a better time. I'm currently giving Fargo Rock City a full read, and this served as a needed reminder of thoroughly wretched the late '80s were.

Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly feel like breaking out all my old Night Ranger tapes for the first time in ages.

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