28 March 2011


And now it's probably best that I let this thing slow down for a spell. Easing back into a lower gear for a brief duration.

Working on something for elsewhere, which has ballooned into something a bit mega than I'd expected, and which I'm now trying to wrestle into a more manageable size/word-count. (A "director's cut" version might appear herewise...unless I decide that its outtakes don't deserve to remain so.)

Plus there's some lengthier pieces for this channel, continuations of parts I's and II's of riffs & whatnot that I floated out from the docks a while back, only to let them drift off into limbo. And which I really should get back to.

Not to mention that I also got roped into a freelance gig that'll be keeping me busy in the weeks to come. And, of course, that actually pays.

So: More later. Perhaps a lot more...just less frequently.


debaucheryandsloth said...

Say it ain't so, yo! When will you be back?

Greyhoos said...

Just a slowdown, not a full-on sabbatical or anything.

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