23 February 2011


Once again supplying the riff of the week, Evan Calder Williams takes a belated look back at 2010. More specifically, circumnavigating/-scribing the year's three most prominent ruptures:

Every hole in the earth must be anthropomorphized, insofar as that means doing something that humans do at the moment when they seem least human: spitting, swallowing, gurgling, roaring, weeping. Made as if human to be made barely human, to try and register the shock, the frenzy of verbs outdo each other through the frothy news. ...Because a hole itself is neutral, dumb: just a certain area in which the surface is suddenly not at the same level as it was before. There's nothing to think about it, nothing to say, but then things pass through it, one way or another, drop or spew, and other things get wrecked because of it, and what can we say about it? Only that it's just like us, insofar as that means it can do things that stand for the end of us all.

Apertures and aporia. The metaphoric scope of the which seems especially resonant at the moment, flexible and ripe for expansion and extension, as we witness another set of geological and political shifts in the offing.

Really looking forward to the guy's book.

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