26 February 2011

Rewindings: In Which Agamemnon Senses Something's Wrong and Renovates the Residence

Going back a ways. Effectively what we have here is a reconstruction, abridged and edited, of an old playlist from about 11 years ago. From back when I first started doing a radio show at a community station on the south side of Chicago. Some favored tracks of the time, veering towards a certain sound -- a certain fin de siècle undertow, perhaps. "Dark," "abstrakt," "leftfield," and reputedly even a little "paranoid." Broken beats and dusted dubspace, with the occasional disc deliberately spun at the "incorrect" RPM. (All of it a bit different from the more upbeat, groove-friendly shape the format would take later.) Perhaps it seems a bit incongruous for the latter half of the high-flying nineties, for the tail end of the Clinton years. But about a year or two later, I guess it might've made more sense in hindsight. Probably best listened to in that late-night/early-morning hours.

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00:00       intro
01:50       Dagar Brothers - Chant Bageshri: Alap
03:00       Scientific American - Boost the Mid-Range
08:23       DJ Spooky w/ Amiri Baraka - Black Dada Nihilismus
13:14       DJ Krush - Inorganizm
17:11       Organized Konfusion - Sin
20:14       Company Flow - World of Garbage
24:00       segue
24:25       Social Interiors - Who Awoke the Assassins?
26:33       Mike Ladd - I'm Building a Bodacious Bodega for the Race War
31:14       Spectre - Purple Dawn
35:29       Faultline - Partyline Honey (DJ Vadim remix)
41:24       Cabaret Voltaire - Theme from 'Shaft'
43:35       Danny Breaks - The Bear
48:22       DJ Wally - Live @ Soundlab Cultural Alchemy, NYC
52:00       Amon Tobin - Creatures (Hidden Agenda Defocused remix)
54:56       Saul Williams & DJ Krust - Coded Language

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