04 December 2010

Failures of Modernism

Speed, gravity, materiality, formalism, and high-volume traffic at the ACME® customer service center....

In other words, what the Coyote's fall spells out, beyond a nicely crystallized and over-literal 'rupturing of the picture plane', is the way in which such an instance -- a painting, a political moment -- may be structurally determined, and as such, deserves to be constant across time, yet which nevertheless is informed by the actions of those who watch those who have gone before, and in trying to repeat, to do the same thing, to assume that the breaking of the rules that have just occurred have therefore reset the rules, such that if one body passes into the painting, so too all others which follow.

That just because you broke with perspective, one can have perspective no longer. That the exceptional and inconstant happen only once per ruling order, and only in order to solidify the next order according to which things add up and paintings are either looked at or run into.

Brilliant. Easily the riff of the week...if not month. (Bonus points for the use of the Asger Jorn piece.)

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