23 December 2010

Guest Blogging Elsewhere

Apparently at least one person over at "...And What Will Be Left of Them?" has reckoned me a worthy colleague and has asked me to come aboard as a contributor. In case you're unfamiliar, the blog is an recent enterprise by a number of writers and bloggers that I admire, and is devoted to scrutinizing the cultural and political shifts that were in the offing during the 1970s. File under: Cultural Studies. A few past highlights include Phil on Vietnam and anti-Unionism under Thatcher, Wayne on Marvin Gaye and the errant, unacknowledged parents of hip hop, and Carl discussing George Romero's oft-overlooked Martin.

I'm not sure, but I believe I might be (so far) the sole contributor who'll be chiming in with an American/non-U.K. perspective on such stuff. I don't intend to duplicate or recycle content here, so I'll probably just cross-link whenever I have anything over there that I think's of significant interest.

And it looks like some of the crew of contributors are starting a couple of companioning blogs, one similarly devoted to the 1980s and another to the 1990s. I've been asked to contribute to those, as well. Not sure what all I might be able to add on those topics, so we'll see.

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