21 September 2010

Spectral Resonance

Via the Pontone site, theorist and author Mark Fisher (aka K-Punk) offers his own curated mix set. Titled "The Metaphysics of Crackle," the set not only sports a certain moody undertow but a thematic intent, as well. The residuum or blurred and faded memories and half-forgotten feelings, the patina of age on weathered documents, ghosts of ephemera past, with audio interference and surface noise via "outmoded" technology of left in unfiltered place as a recurring liet motif.

Featuring Philip Jeck & Gavin Bryars, William Basinski, The Caretaker, Danger Mouse with Sparklehorse and David Lynch, Position Normal, and quite a few artists associated with the U.K. "hauntology" sub-genre/not-genre. Fisher notes:
"The mix is best listened to loud, and after dark. For the most part, you will have to lean in to pick out the fragile melodies, but some songs – parched gnostic blues, painfully sad Edward Lear-like nonsense ballads and hobo-hazy recollections of long-lost sunny afternoons – intermittently loom out of the audio fog."
Quite good, especially if listened to in the advised manner. Odd thing is, I had been contemplating doing a similar mix for upload, myself. Oh, well.

Available here.

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