08 September 2010


Diving Board. Salton Sea, California. 1983

Submerged Trailer. Salton Sea, California. 1983

Desert Fire #249. 1985

Drive-In Theater. Las Vegas, Nevada. 1987

Outdoor Dining. Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. 1992

Shrapnel. Wendover Air Force Base, Nevada. 1989

Hazardous Waste Containment Site, Dow Chemical
Corporation, Mississippi River, Plaquemine, Louisiana. 1998

Swamp and Pipeline, Cancer Alley, Louisiana. 1998

Playground and Shell Refinery, Norco, Louisiana. 1998

Battleground Point, #20. 1999

Massacre Dry Lake, 10.3.97, 6:38PM. 1997

Photographs by Richard Misrach.

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