06 February 2013

Double Negative

"The term 'closed city' was originally coined for the Soviet Union, where, for various reasons, the existence of numerous towns was long kept secret. Some of them were not officially 'opened up' and added to maps until the early years of this century. 
Even today, there are still artificially created urban zones across the globe that are hermetically sealed off from the outside world either by walls or by the hostile landscape that surrounds them. These might be places where raw materials are extracted, military sites, refugee camps – or gated communities for the affluent. Such time-limited forms of urban settlement strikingly illustrate the turning point humanity is facing at the beginning of the 21st century in view of dwindling resources, moral decline, climate change, political conflicts and the yearning for unqualified security."

Images from the series Closed Cities, by Gregor Sailer.
Text via This is Paper.

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