02 February 2013

Déjà vu, it's nineteen-something-or-other-two

At numerous times, I'd intended to make and upload a mix (or two) of electronic stuff from the 1990s, but never got around to it. In lieu of that, there's these throwback-themed mixes that have popped up in the past couple weeks instead...

First, via Nightvision, Moon Wiring Club offers his "Midnight in Europe" mix, a selection of early '90s "ambient" material that manages to avoid the expected "chill out" cliches and tilts more toward proto-IDM abstract angularity. Then for the latest edition of the "Secret Thirteen" mix series, Biosphere/Geir Jenssen turns the dial back another decade by spotlighting sounds from the 1979-1982 vintage.

And this year finds Coldcut celebrating 25 years on the air with the "Solid Steel" broadcast. For the occasion, they're planning on having a array of guest DJs and artists on the program. Past weeks have sported guest mix sessions with The Orb and Luke Vibert, but perhaps the most intriguing one so far was last week's session with Kirk Digiorgio. In the second half of the show, Degiorgio breaks from his usual jazz-funk-fusion modus and instead offers an hour of vintage electronic sounds of a more experimental variety, in the end serving up what may be the most beatless and noisy set in the show's history. (Enough so, that it prompted one Soundcloud listener to comment, "Worst mix ever." Heh.)

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