08 June 2012

Corrupted Science

Timh pops up with a couple of interesting posts over at 555 Enterprises. First, his thoughts on the Flaming Lips vs. Erykah Badu fracas. More interesting to me, however, is his discussion about the discussion surrounding Death Grips' The Money Store. The checklist he offers sums it up very nicely. About the only thing I would add: "Actress/Zomby epilepsy," perhaps; but conjoined with mid-90s Wordsound style beneath-the-underground hip hop, such as Sensational and the various Scott Hard-produced acts like New Kingdom...

Or maybe what Shadow Huntaz would've sounded like if they'd ever actually sounded the way most critics described them.


Timh Gabriele said...

I think I was probably too young to absorb/know about the Wordsound stuff during its 90s heyday, but I definitely hear it here. For some reason, I was blanking when thinking of aggressive hip-hop. I think I was going through a regrettably (regressively?) mellow phase while all of that was de rigueur.

Greyhoos said...

Wordsound was part of the NYC "Illbient" scene of the time -- lots of dusted broken beats, supremely smoked-out dub, lo-fi leftfield hip hop, experimental d'n'b, etc. But the label wasn't all that high-profile, so I think a lot of people (particularly Stateside) overlooked it. A while back I was toying with the idea of putting together a "Things You Might've Missed" mixtape for upload, but never got around to finalizing the selection & finishing the thing.

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