24 March 2012

Blame it on Varèse

The first clip brings to mind the second. Which in turn prompts me to remember Zbigniew Rybczyński, the Polish filmmaker and cinematographer who was a pretty in-demand video director for a brief spell in the mid '80s after doing the Art of Noise joint -- briefly hot property for his ability to make videos that left a lasting impression and endowed the product with some quirky artiness or whatever. Around the same time he did this one and this one, which I remember thinking quite amusing at the time, but weren't quite so successful in putting the product over. And as I recall, he was also this one, which needed at least three times as many extras and an infinitely better band to achieve the desired effect.

But anyway, I was never sure about what the Monkees-Zappa connection was; except for maybe the flimsy coincidence that Nesmith and Zappa both seemed to share the same scoffing derision for the drug culture of the era(?).

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