27 January 2011

Throwback NYC in Miniature

Something I happened across in the course of scrounging around and researching the two pieces linked to in the prior post. A miniature trainset recreation of an NYC upper borough neighborhood circa 1980-ish. (Guardian Angels action figures old separately.) More about the photographer Peter Feigenbaum and his project here, and it turns out TMN interviewed him about his project, as well...

TMN: Why did you pick '80s-era ghettos?

PF: Can’t explain why I like what I like. But I guess I have this fascination with urban wildness—it’s a way for me to objectify an urban experience that’s quite different from my current scenario. Nostalgia for an era that I never experienced? I was also inspired by a lot of location-heavy graffiti and crime films from the late 1970s/early '80s as well. I also have a dark sense of humor!

And later in the interview...

I still have a fetish for Corbusian Brutalism -- I really liked the decaying/futuristic housing projects in Scampia near Naples that figured prominently in Matteo Garrone’s film Gomorrah.

Too amusing. And he has an architecture degree from Yale.

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