17 January 2011

Histories of the Immediate Future

A mini-travelogue highlighting the new and sparkling modern architecture of several British towns in the late '60s, via a book entitled Colour in Shopping - A Visual Survey, British Paint Prize, 1968. Via Between Channels, who has so far posted excerpts from four segments of the book [here, here, and here.] The slightly darkened, slightly jaundiced look of the aged and informal Instamatic snapshots gives these pics a special appeal that's appropriate to the subject.

All the shots of shopping centers remind me of another thing I stumbled upon recently -- a site that documents the locations for the 1976 sci-fi film Logan's Run, much of which it appears was shot in a mall and various commercial spaces in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Somewhat related to the top item but from a more contemporary perspective, one blogger's two favorite things -- Brutalism and Booze.


SV Bumbo said...

What this blog needs is ... more Jenny Agutter!

Greyhoos said...

Right. Here you go... 1, 2.

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