11 February 2016


As some longtime readers know, some five years ago or so I was invited to contribute to a group-blogging project -- the "decades blogs" (listed over there in the linkbar at right), three blogs devoted to analysis of the cultures of the 1970s, '80s and 9'0s. For a good long while, it featured a great roster of contributors and drew a lot of traffic and commentary. But as of roughly two years ago, the platforms in question mostly went dormant as contributors drifted off to other things, other venues and projects. I myself had a few pieces in the works at the time, unfinished essays that kept snowballing to sprawling lengths until I lost the whole lot in a hard drive crash.

With one exception, I made it a point to not reproduce or crosspost my contributions here. Since it's been so long and I imagine at some point the project’s instigator Carl may inevitable pull the plug on the three blogs, over the coming weeks I’ll be transferring and re-posting some of my "decades" contributions here for my own archiving purposes. For those who may've caught them the first time around, apologies for the reruns. For those that didn't, hopefully you’ll find them worthwhile.


William said...

On this note: is there any interest [from contributors or readers] in a 'Best of the Decades Blogs' book?

Greyhoos said...

As a contributor, I'd be interested; providing I have anything that'd qualify for inclusion. But I think the more important question w/b if there'd be any interest on the part of a publisher. I assume Zer0 would be the one to pitch to.

William said...

I'll talk to Carl Neville and see what he thinks.

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