22 December 2014

Crooning on Venus: Coda

A couple of final additions, this time dealing with vocals as augmented, processed, whathaveyou, by technological means...

Max Neuhaus’s “Radio Net,” circa 1977. In which Neuhaus utilized the patched feed network of National Public Radio (then still a marginal fledgling outfit -- in terms of listenership and production) to create a two-hour “crowd-sourced” audio piece in real time. Listeners in various broadcast regions scattered about the U.S. were invited to phone in to their local affiliate and whistle or mutter or sing into their telephones.The participation by Neuhaus in realtime. The above documentation of the event recently turned on Vimeo, and the full audio can be heard at -- where else? -- Ubuweb.

Belatedly seeing some visual documentation of the thing, it’s very very quaint to look at the technical gear involved. Like the headsets, which look like the sort that NASA Cape Canaveral personnel had worn circa the Apollo 11 mission.

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ASlo: An odd & charming obscurity from some 14 years ago, back when I was DJ'ing on radio, for a time doing a show that trafficked heavily in marginal and "autre" electronic fare. A few releases from the Pittsburgh-baased label Kracfive caught my ear; and at the time the promo crossed my path, I was bemused by this project -- which was (I gather) a collaboration by the three artists who made up the label's roster. An album wholly devoted to wonky IDM/laptop fckcery/DIY "glitch-hop" compositions piece together from nothing other than vocal sample. Revisiting it again, I find that it's the loosest, least structured & rhythmically-minded tracks which hold up best...

And as a "Bonus beats" addition,...

Original Instrument - 'Coughio'

...Which came to mind in another context a while back.

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