25 June 2013

Insert Cat Video Here Interlude

The above could be an example of:

A.) Some flotsam that got caught in a net cast while trying to research and fact-check a larger topic. That research maybe involving...

B.) Verifying whether how much truth there was to certain rumors and allegations about Walt Disney and how he ran his animation studios back in the early years -- especially concerning labor practices & the like. Which proved inconclusive. But as far as how Disney Studios stacked up against its competitors --Warners, MGM, Paramount, et al. -- in the animated short dept. back in the day, the consensus seems to be that Walt spent far too much time sweating the details or perfecting and advancing the state of animation, at the expense of recognizing the potentials of what was "magical" or entertaining in the medium of animation itself, as well as being extremely handicapped as far as the whole sense of humor thing went.

C.) Also agreeing to the critical consensus that (yeah) animated shorts tended to be far weirder, if not deeply surreal, in the years before WWII. Because if you watched this one with no audio, it'd amount to even bigger WTF if you watched it with any musical accompaniment.

D.) But this having the musical accompaniment of an Aphex Twin track, who for the most part I never much cared about. Normally I'd prefer Cab Calloway; but in this case I have to side with Richard D. James as far as the above goes. As far as visuals-to-music isht can go, it's enough to make me think that tthose videos done for the Warp label by Chris Cunningham et al. back in the '90s look pretty tame in many respects and whatevers. But maybe that's just me.

E.) I just put this up as junk. Partly as a placeholder while I'm recovering from a illness and trying to work on other things, or...

F.) Feel free to jump in and interject your own theories at any point. But...

G.) Oh, fuck --- did you see that, dude??? That Appalachian caveman is ACTUALLY FUCKING MOONWALKING! And like 50 years before Michael Jackson ever did!!!

H.) This is a nonce post, meant to juke the juking of traffic stats as directed by reference-spambots. Fuck google and their monopolization of the the internet. Because if their recent stab at a social media platform if is any indication of the future of the internets, then the future of the internets as a content-hosting conduit has Sigue Sigue Sputnik written all over it.

I.) Sigue Sigue Sputnik on MiniDisc, morelike.

J.) All of the above.


anne said...

.. . i do like those legs .. . /a remind of some sort, let me know when you find out why stein (blondie ) said "bad karma " ..of patti

Greyhoos said...

'Fraid I have no idea what you're referring to. But it sounds like the sort of thing that might turn up somewhere in McNeil & McCain's Please Kill Me.

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