22 April 2013

Learning from Las Vegas

Not that there's much to learn, really. Save for the fact that, in the end, the house always wins.

Images from Anonymization: The Global Proliferation of Urban Sprawl, a book project by photographer Robert Hardman Pittman. Also featuring essays by Alison Nordstrom, Anette Baldauf, and others. Interview with the photographer here, artist's website here.

[ Via We Make Money Not Art. ]

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anne said...

been feeling something of your last three posts ( just looking now ..in the wee hours here) for the past week,started with my starring at the sky ..and not going in to the auction (that i mention in blackd's comments of last thurs, then seeing every one that i know with a strong hold of knowing in writing about the weather here ..(one being a bulgarian linguistics prof. that has been hiding away co writing a bk (of the weather this one )as she does ,hadn't seen her in months then there she was looking all shell shocked in the blue light after dark )in that standing out in front of that auction /.. something of the map that ..just another .. l a .. added a few hours ago./ was last in here ..on the ..scarfolk ..looking .. . something very odd to do with donald sutherland and my being like a bird happened .. and i fluttered off .. .

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