24 January 2013

Footnote No. 5: The Division of Labor

The FBI’s special agent in charge
(SAC), R.B. Hood, compiled
a dossier on                                                      
                                                                             The Master Race
noting the portrayal
of a sympathetic                   Russian officer and the various
                                                     red participants
 in the production                                    
                                   – and sent it to J. Edgar Hoover
                                   in case the FBI director was called upon              
                              to detail                    communist propaganda             
 in the movies.

Hoover disagreed with Hood
with the reasonable objection
                     that the FBI agent had
                     no particular expertise in
                                                                                      content analysis
                    and no way of knowing
                 what effect, if any,
            such propaganda
        might have
  on an audience.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Text taken from J. Hoberman's An Army of Phantom:
American Movies and the Making of the Cold War [2011]

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