11 September 2012

The bubbles of certainty are constantly exploding.

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"Ownership, like money, withered on the vine. After all, who can really be said to 'own' a building you downloaded from Tumblr after someone reblogged someone else's reblog of someone’s take on a cover version an intern made of a file copied from Frank Gehry’s computer, subsequently shared on Wikileaks and linked by the New York Times? In 2008 Koolhaas declared that his motto for globalisation, ¥€$, would henceforth be replaced by the thumbs-up Facebook 'like' symbol.

The more advanced architects quickly began working for likes. Koolhaas said, for instance, that for his plans for the remodelling of Dubai he negotiated a payment of 13 billion Facebook likes, one of which he later used to like a new concert hall Frank Gehry released via his Twitter feed, relayed to his Facebook page (Koolhaas subsequently 'unliked' the building after visiting it via an Instagram snap). Following the financial collapse of 2008, the new Dubai was built not in the United Arab Emirates but in the pages of architecture blogs, where it exists for all to enjoy, share, and like."

Excerpt from a post at the tongue-in-cheek architectural blog Parallel Lies. { via }

images: Cécile Hartmann

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