09 August 2012

On the (Supposed) Preconditions for Culture

Mark "K-punk" Fisher, popping up with his first blog post in over a year, offering some thoughts on skepticism, the Spectacle, and the London Olympic Games...

"Cynicism is just about the only rational response to the doublethink of the McDonalds and Coca Cola sponsorship (one of the most prominent things you see as you pass the Olympic site on the train line up from Liverpool Street is the McDonalds logo). As Paolo Virno argues, cynicism is now an attitude that is simply a requirement for late capitalist subjectivity, a way of navigating a world governed by rules that are groundless and arbitrary. But as Virno also argues, 'It is no accident ... that the most brazen cynicism is accompanied by unrestrained sentimentalism.'"

While you're at it, it's perhaps worth reading the NY Times piece he links to, where author Oliver Burkemen argument dovetails into that of the Barbara Erhenreich bit I posted a long while back. And also, as I failed to mention earlier, Douglas Murphy -- he of Entschwindet & Vergeht and recently-published The Architecture of Failure note -- has had his own thoughts on the ArcelorMittal Orbit, of which you can reader here, here, and here.

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