12 July 2012

Last Night a DJ Threatened My Life

The above presents a fairly thorough rundown of your average club/mobile DJ's list of routine annoyances. Which is why I stuck with radio and never really pursued club or mobile DJing; because over the years I had too many friends who did it and I was used to hearing their complaints, which deterred me from venturing down that path. While number 21 is a new one for me, many of them are very familiar; especially the ones having to do with birthdays, and the various requests a DJ has to field. (One friend in particular started taking cellphone snaps of clubbers who came up to him in the course of an evening, and on a couple of occasions posted the pics & requests on his blog.)*

At any rate, here's more than you could ask for: Via Ubuweb, an extensive "History of Electronic & Electroacoustic Music," in the form of nearly 500 MP3s. As the caveat at the bottom of the page, the collection came from a torrent that was making the rounds some time ago, so some of the selections might be a bit dodgey. Nonetheless, there's more there than one could wade through -- from the whole of Schaeffer and Henry's "Symphonie pour un homme suel," and lots of other stuff, including healthy portions of Stockhausen, Bernard Parmegiani, François Bayle, et al. The notes also take issue with the collection's omissions and inclusions, which (yes) once I look them over do seem to be heavily Franco-centric -- leaving the like of Cage and Luening a bit underrepresented. (And, yeah...where's Pauline Oliveros?) Still, the cornucopia overfloweth.

A tip of the topper to BLCKGRD for the heads-up on both of the above.

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* There is another -- longer and far more aggravating -- list of common DJ complaints; which includes the various ins & outs of dealing with shady or apathetic venue management, dealing with dickhead bouncers, the hassles of getting paid for services rendered, etc.

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BDR said...

Hey, bmpthnx!

New 12-cd box set of Oliveros just released: http://www.paulineoliveros.us/

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