07 February 2012

The Nineties Revival

...I guess it's going to fully kick in one day. Eventually. And when it finally does, it ain't gonna be pretty.*

* But hey, the Eighties revival still shows no signs of fucking off anytime soon, so maybe there's no need to worry.


debaucheryandsloth said...

It's in full swing in Gold's Gyms in red states. I can't count how many times I've heard Stone Temple Pilots in the last six months.

Greyhoos said...

In that instance, it may have never gone away in the first place. And that sort of thing isn't so much my concern, because it's easy enough to ignore. What I have in mind is more along the lines of a flood of new, young bands doing grunge-retread material.

David W. Kasper said...

I think the 90s could be sneaky latecomers to the 'war to end all wars' that's currently going on between the 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s and the 40s. I always suspected postmodernism would end in tears, burning the candle at both ends like that.

My money's on the 30s winning, and not the good parts either. Sure, they might dupe us by throwing MC Hammer or Billy Ray Cyrus into a car advert or two, but that would just be their own version of Nazi 'mountain movies'.

If you see Evan Dando cameo in a HBO show, then it's time to lock 'n' load. It's up to us to remain vigilant!

Greyhoos said...

Dood, you're getting way ahead of me here. As far as what you're talking about, I'm certain that topic will come in a later post...

My point here being that grunge was heavily indebted to the "heavy" end of the early '70s AOR musical spectrum. Meaning that any revisitation of grunge will amount to a retread of retread. And which point a person might as well just say "fuck it" and plunk down the dillies for a Grand Funk Railroad boxset instead.

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