14 January 2012

Intertubes Interlude

Recent weeks: A malady that arrived just in time to Grinchicize the holidays. Returning home to a dead modem and various stressful upheavals. The sleep-dep resulting from the first item on the list accounts for my scarcity of late. I suspect it's also responsible for being a-bit/all emo like a muhfuh'r lately. Such as frequent bouts of homesickness, to which the above can be attributed. Because (goddammit) I haven't had a decent Middle Eastern meal in some 2-plus years, and I miss regular (hell, any) exposure to things like the above. Was present at the first two occasions, saw the others in different settings on other occasions.

Cohran's the odd one. Yeah, "seminal" figure in the whole AACM & "soul jazz" hotbed Chicago southside scene once-upon-a, but for a long while his only regular appearances were playing at an Ethiopian restaurant on the northside -- switching out between a variety of instruments (harp, kalimba, sax, etc.) over a cheezy prerecorded backing.

And I guess there's the matter of missing certain friends that I haven't seen since I vacated on Chi & isht like that.

File under: Pure personal indulgence on my part. (Or the alternate that my friend & associate Pere Lebrun's so fond of: Without music life w/b a joke.)

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