01 June 2011

And with that...

By this point, I'm thinking the tagline for this blog could be: "Your one-stop source for pinching pics via Google image search (providing you weren't directed here by a spam site in Belarus)."

But no matter. I'm out of here for a short while. A brief vacation, in which I again head to the Gulf. This time I might actually end up at the beach -- the quiet and remote part what's off of a nature preserve. (Which would make it the first time I've been there since before the BP oil spill.) And then I have to diligently bang away at a bunch of things once I return.

So I'll see you when I see you.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog. I discovered it from you Bowie "art decade" post, a while back.

What Gulf beach is this, Penacola...Panama City...Destin?

Greyhoos said...

Close. Bon Secour, AL -- the isolated waterfront side of the wildlife preserve. Secluded, very little traffic. My in-laws have a shacky little cabin there (which has has miraculously survived three hurricanes, including Ivan and Katrina).

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