17 May 2011

Waving, Not Drowning

I believe I said something a while ago about a possible slowdown, and damn if I didn't deliver as promised. Apologies. I've been busy with a numbing freelance gig that doesn't allow for much spare bandwidth and leaves me disinclined to spend any more time at the computer that necessary. But more soon.

One thing that's crossed my path recently was this bit that a journalist friend sent me. But really, it's a trend that I noticed a while back, and that I believe has radically accelerated within the past 5-6 years. What I haven't noticed, however, is this situation being mentioned or analyzed into discussions about the supposed "death of criticism." What this means is that in the future, everything is going to be "dynamic," "innovative," "unique," "amazing," and all sorts of things to that effect. Or, as my friend put it, it means that he and his colleagues are now "outgunned in the war on bullshit."


W. Kasper said...

Who's that in the picture?

Greyhoos said...

Syd Barrett, c. 1975.

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